6 Important Tips for Franchise Success

Franchise owners face many challenges, but maintaining consistency through growth phases is one of the most difficult. If a person owns or manages a franchised business, one of their key goals is to ensure that franchisees are following the blueprints for success. While consistency can be ensured in many ways, the top few methods are listed below.

Concentrate on Training for Franchisees

Every successful franchise program involves extensive, engaging, and relevant franchisee training. With the right training program, franchise owners can make the difference between failure and success for franchisees.

Offer the Right Tools

Without tools and methods to maintain consistency, even the best training program is useless. Whether a franchise owner uses an online training manual or written step-by-step guides, simple quality control tools dramatically improve franchisees’ compliance with the corporate standards and objectives.

Encourage Conversation

While consistency throughout an organization is very important, one never knows where their next big idea is coming from. In areas where there’s room for customization, be sure to solicit franchisees’ feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Measure and Improve

The ultimate goal is to measure and gradually improve consistency across operations. After capturing relevant data, use it to improve those processes that need it.

Be a Valuable Resource

Some franchisees feel as if their franchisors are spying on them, especially when they implement methods such as secret shopping. These methods are quite dated and, in some cases, make franchisees think they’re under surveillance all the time. Be honest, be open, and be empowering. Don’t concentrate on spy methods in order to catch a franchisee doing something incorrectly.

Focus on What’s Important

The most crucial thing is to be clear about what’s important. Franchisees have to worry about countless things every day, but if they make a list of top priorities, it’s easier to execute the business model consistently. Focus on the things that really matter and don’t worry about the rest.

In Closing

While it’s tough to start and grow a franchise program, it can be done. By using these simple tips and tools, owners and franchisees can build the right foundation for a successful company.