The Amazing Life in the Sky

There is that through that comes to your mind every other time that you get to look into the skies. How many things are in the skies is a big question. There is no one who knows the extent of the content of the skies. On e true thing about the space is that despite the many questions that we have there are no answers that we can end up having. There is, however, one thing that we are sure of, that space has great beauty and very big. The extent of the greatness of the space is thus one thing that we don’t know. When you think about the space you are actually left with more questions than answers. The facts in the space are however very interesting.

There are thousands of planets that are hosted by the space. The eight planets are the only ones that we all know about. There are actually more like that. In the solar system we have only eight planets. In the space beyond our solar system, the planets that are there are actually very many . The sun is only one. There are other stars where you will then get the other planets revolving around. There are therefore many exo-planets which revolve around other stars which are outside the solar system that we live in. There are more than 1000 new worlds that have been confirmed by the astronomers up to date. Where you have thought this was a great number, more than 3000are still waiting to be confirmed. The human life cannot be supported by the different planets that are being discovered today. They are hot gas giant plants that are just revolving around various stars.

Have you ever been to space? If no, listen to me then. When at the space the skin on your feet peels off. There is great microgravity in the space. They are not able to use their feet to walk. With time their feet will soften and will begin flaking off. There are no laundry facilities in the space. You will have no otherwise but wear the underwear’s for quite some days. To get off the socks needs to be done very gently. You will, therefore, have your feet floating in the weightless environment in the space.

There us a planet called Venus which has one day being longer than the earth’s year The main reason you will find this is since there is a lot of time that is used to go round its own orbit. To rotate on its axis only once, the planet take 243 days on the earth. There is another amazing fact about the space. The number of the earth that can make one sun would be a million. The sun is very big.

There is a great mystery that surrounds the space but one thing we know is that it is beautiful.

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